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Growing up and graduating in Russia, only after moving to Canada I found an ability to revitalize my artistic dreams.

During the constant search to put my creative energy to some purpose, I travelled extensively across North America and Europe. Overwhelmed by dramatic views of nature-and simplicity and elegance of its’ forms-I strive to reflect its beauty in my art works. My art phase began when I discovered a true passion for painting on wood. In my belief, wood retains the spirit of the living tree and I just try to honour it.

Wood is an excellent medium. It’s strong, light and flexible. You can shape it, carve it, colour it. Design of each art piece is blending form and aesthetic. Form is most important, and wood species and richness of grain patterns are chosen to enhance it. Starting with a mental image of the shape and colour and rough sketch, the magic begins…throughout creation, the design and then colour evolves in order to emphasize structure. My works are very personal and reflect my deepest feelings about mysteries of life and beauty of nature. I continuously experiment with new ideas about style, shape, texture, colour and move forward in designs.

Much of my inspiration comes from the wood itself. Collecting wood simply for its natural beauty is the start of many of my works. Using wood that has been recycled, gives me the most pleasure. I appreciate the ability to transform a raw resource into a timeless piece of art.

Eccentricity of Wood http://olga66.wordpress.com

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