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MADE IN CANADA-call to enter

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We are pleased to announce a call to enter for visual art shows in various locations of Toronto and Mississauga.

The show(s) are in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday, taking place on July 1/17. The dates will be late dates in June/early July (venues are pending). Accepted artists must meet the following criteria.

Artists must be 18 years and older
Must be a Canadian resident
Artwork can be any medium however, must represent Canada in some way; it can be landscape, people, animals, nature, etc. Some recognition of Canadian content will be mandatory.
Entry fees to all shows are 75$ each plus 10% curator fee.
Limit of 10 artists/show/location

Contact: Cheryl Bower at: [email protected]

Sheila Victor-Diversity (

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Sheila Victor-Diversity (

Olga Oreshyna (

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Growing up and graduating in Russia, only after moving to Canada I found an ability to revitalize my artistic dreams.

During the constant search to put my creative energy to some purpose, I travelled extensively across North America and Europe. Overwhelmed by dramatic views of nature-and simplicity and elegance of its’ forms-I strive to reflect its beauty in my art works. My art phase began when I discovered a true passion for painting on wood. In my belief, wood retains the spirit of the living tree and I just try to honour it.


Gabrielle Castonguay (

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Gabrielle is an enamelist from Montreal. Impassioned by enameling since the age of 11, when she started learning the art, she studied and graduated from Fine Arts, Theatre and Design programs from local Colleges and Concordia University in Montreal. She subsequently worked as a designer for distinguished architectural firms in Montreal. Now, combining her knowledge of design and fine art, for several years she has been working as a full-time enamelist.

“Our world of superabundance where all seems transitory, denatured and replaceable, causes in me the need to seek a sense of the sacred and evocation. The esthetic of my work exhibits the beauty and the untameable force of nature, the rough splendour of the corrosion of metal, and the intensity of the light with all the reflections which it causes.

My approach in the treatment of the fusion of glass and metal is at the same time contemporary and exploratory while cultivating a control of classical and traditional techniques.

I am searching remarkable textures, degrees of lustre, colouration and oxidation to produce inimitable effects, creating extended contrasts. My creations emerge from universes of colours, transparencies and opaques, from depth and light. I create pieces where the atmosphere and imagery reveal traces of art thousands of years old, perfected and sustained in time where our passage on earth reveals a sense of the sacred.”

Her work is well known and well regarded in Canada as well as the larger international enameling field. She specializes in enameling wall pieces, sculptures and integration of metal enameled pieces in design/architectural work. She is a faculty member of The Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California, teach the art of enamel. She has exhibited in Canada, Europe and the USA and her work is part of private collections Canada, the USA, South America and in Europe. She was awarded the 2013 Vilnius Municipality Award for her participation in the Fifth International Biennial of Enamel Art VILNIUS Lithuania 2013.

Heather Vollans (

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Heather Vollans has worked with mixed media mosaic for a number of years. Her passion for the art has grown, her materials become more diverse and her experimentation with methods and techniques is ongoing. Much of Heather’s work utilizes items picked up from roadsides, from construction sites or walking on beaches – bricks, glass, plastics, metals, concrete, tire rubber …It is the exploration and combination of materials that fires her imagination. Exhibition work often speaks to the importance of not wasting resources and/or re-using ordinary materials for art. Heather’s professional practice includes public art, community projects, teaching in schools/colleges and exhibiting. Recently completed projects :

  • Children’s Memorial Garden project, St Andrew’s Park, Brantford 2013 – public art
  • Art After School Kids, Brantford 2012 – outdoor community mosaic project
  • Grand River Forum – an art collaboration between Sir Wilfred Laurier University Brantford/
  • Brantford Arts Block 2011
  • “Arts Soup” project, Grand Erie District School Board 2012-2014
  • Recent exhibits include:
  • Maplestone Fine Art Mosaic Gallery, Creemore
  • McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton
  • Station Gallery, Brantford
  • Gallery 4, Hamilton Public Library

Jessica Lin (

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Jessica Lin is a Toronto-based freelance photographer and artist. Her passion for travel and experiencing other cultures led her to begin creating art pieces from her many images of far-off places. These pieces contain decorative layers that turn ordinary things and places, into colourfully whimsical visual experiences.

When she isn’t travelling or creating artwork, Jessica is helping her artist and designer clients to document their own creations. She also channels her love of candidly observing beautiful things and emotions into photographing weddings.

In May 2011, Jessica and her husband, Norman, combined “travel” and “wedding” photography, capturing their own wedding trip to Ireland and Spain.

Sheila Victor (

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Sheila is a graduate of Fine Arts from York University and a graduate of special effects make-up from Seneca College. She currently works as a make-up artist, commercial actress and visual artist.

Sheila is an atmospheric painter who loves using surprising and unusual colour combinations to create energy and emotion. She loves to see how these colour combinations can be explored in a variety of artistic materials and techniques.

Sheila believes that life is full of turbulence and we all spend our time seeking an unobtainable “balance”. Her evocative art is an attempt to find a small place of balance in her life.

Cheryl Bower (

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Cheryl has been a self-taught mosaic artist since 1998. She began by using glass on glass and created large installation pieces on old window frames. These were sold at various art shows in Toronto; the Distillery District, Queen West Art Crawl and Nathan Phillip Square Art Exhibition to name a few.

Recently, Cheryl has become captivated by using unusual material in her mosaics plus her current favourite muses, smalti, marble and stone. Found rusty metal, crumbling brick, reclaimed wood, broken vintage glass, precious and semi-precious natural rock, are all finding a home in some of her recent work. She is inspired by nature and animals.

Cheryl is proud to teach mosaic art at various schools in Toronto as well as volunteering at ArtHeart.

[email protected]

[email protected]


Angela K. Lynch (

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Primarily a self-taught painter, Angela has had the pleasure of learning from just a few of the many accomplished Canadian and American painters, and draws inspiration from Rothko, Diebenkorn, Avery, Dove and the Group of 7.

Beginning in watercolour was the most natural and comfortable for her as her eye tended to gravitate toward this medium.  While the unexpected and unpredictability that makes watercolour exciting and challenging, there is also the desire & curiosity to explore new territory which she is currently doing in acrylic.  Working on paper, yupo, canvas and board, Angela works through a variety of techniques and styles that also include oil pastel and inks.

It is her desire to translate the landscape into statements and expression of how she sees nature.


Workshops: C. Schink, W. Lawrence, F. Larsen, K. Liu, A. Powers, D. Cavin, D. Mays, P. Holancin, J. Mol, M. Roseman, DD Gadjanski, E. Gibson, J. Geard, A. Cunanan, R. Amirault, C. McCabe, B. Atyeo, M. Ludlam, B. Guna, J. Pryce, I. Roberts, L. Kemp 2005-2013

Courses:  Intensive Studies Seminar, Taos, NM 2011-2014, Mastering Composition, Thornbury 2011-2012, Haliburton School of the Arts 2008, 2013; Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting, Thornbury 2006-2009, 2013; Burnhamthorpe Collegiate, Toronto, 2005-2007, Haliburton School of the Arts, Kleinburg 2013


Kool on Kuhl Gallery, Toronto 2012, 2013


Humber Valley Art Club, Toronto, Ontario 2006-2013

Toronto Watercolour Society, Toronto, Ontario 2009, 2010


Lynch Group of Companies, Mississauga 2008

Gallery in the Garden, Sherway Gardens, Toronto 2009, 2011

Nuit Blanche, 401 Richmond, Toronto 2009

Humber Valley Art Club, Toronto 2005-2013

University of Toronto Faculty Club, Art Connections, Toronto 2010


Honourable Mention, Humber Valley Art Club Juried Show, Toronto  2007, 2009, 2011

Award of Merit, Humber Valley Art Club, Toronto  2012

Creative Catalyst Award, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour “Open Water”, Toronto, 2012


Past President Humber Valley Art Club, Toronto, Ontario

Associated Member Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Toronto, Ontario


Private Instruction, National Fluid Power Association, Laguna Beach, California 2010

Angela Lynch

16 Kuhl Avenue

Toronto, Ontario   M9B 5X9


[email protected]